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Kevin and Phil Cooper lived up to their outstanding reputation!  Practice sale was seamless and they guided me, beautifully, through the entire process.  Forever in their debt

We recently sold our practice through American Practice Consultants. Philip Cooper and Kevin Cooper were the brokers who worked with us and were so helpful from beginning to end. Their professional manner was reassuring to us. Within 24 hours of posting the practice to their client list we received an offer. We are grateful to Phil and Kevin Cooper who were instrumental in finding a private, non-corporate buyer so quickly. I'm sure each practice's circumstances are different, but we found it important to have an experienced, well-informed broker as an invaluable resource.
On behalf of myself and my husband we could not be more grateful for your handling of the sale of my dental practice, Lower Gwynedd Endodontists. Both of you started and completed the sale with the highest level of professionalism. Your experience, promptness, and integrity were precisely what we, our attorney, and the buyers needed to successfully navigate this  transaction which was made more difficult by the fact that we were selling an endodontic, rather than a general dental, practice. We were also delighted with the timely information and wise guidance you provided us with  throughout the complicated sale process. Your continual communications with us supported our trust in you ever since you were highly recommended to us by your former clients. Finally, your services were provided at a very reasonable fee which you, without our request,  adjusted downward as it became clear that our sale would not require the full range of services that you could have provided. Our experience with you confirmed the high recommendation you received from your former clients and we would not hesitate to make the same recommendation to others seeking a sale of their current dental or specialty practice. Excellent Service. They are highly recommended!
It was very easy working with Phil Cooper. He assisted and advised me with the sale of my dental office to my associate. His knowledge of the dental industry is second to none. Thank you!
I'd like to commend Phil and Kevin Cooper on a job well done in the sale of my dental practice. In fact, Phil was the listing agent when I first purchased the practice and his knowledge and expertise helped make the decision easy as to who I would've liked to represent me when it was my turn to sell. Both he and Kevin expertly guided me through the process making it as seamless and effortless as possible. I'd highly recommend American Practice Consultants!!!
Our group has worked with Phil Cooper and American Practice Consultants to complete multiple deals. They have been amazingly professional throughout the whole process. They represented their clients with great zeal while remaining totally fair toward the buyers. Their knowledge and experience in the world of practice transition make all the difference in the world and a pleasure to do business with.
This letter is to express my appreciation for your diligence and insight in helping me to sell my dental practice. Your accurate evaluation of my practice was essential to a fair and timely transition for myself and the new owner. Your efforts in locating a financially qualified and motivated buyer were particularly critical to the completion of the sale. Additionally, your experience with the selection of legal assistance was needed. Your familiarity with attorneys who were well acquainted with office sale and real estate transactions was a valued asset. The attorney that you recommended was a remarkably pleasant blend of efficiency and cordial communication. I can not thank you enough in making what could have been a traumatic event into an orchestrated and organized success.
Thank you for all your help, you were there when I needed encouragement and understanding. You were very helpful getting things done and explaining the process to me. I am very happy with the way things turned out.
I found Phil and Kevin to be most helpful in showing me the pathway to retirement. They were always available if I had a question or concern, and I always had the feeling that they had my best interests at heart throughout the process. Would recommend them without hesitation.
It was a wonderful experience to work with such devoted and professional brokers. Our experience was extremely positive because of their work ethic and immediate responses to all of our questions and needs. Highly recommend!!!
Phil Cooper was very helpful and responsive for the 2 1/2 years it took to sell my dental practice. He was always there to provide good advice throughout the entire process. There were certainly many ups and downs before crossing the finish line. Phil worked well with my accountant and attorney. His input was important to overcome various hurdles. Phil’s experience, professional manner, and ability to work with people make him a great choice to broker your dental practice.
A wise sports star once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. The complexity of a practice transition is staggering, it is truly a team event. In ordinary times the events can be overwhelming starting with practice evaluation, marketing, meeting prospective candidates, and qualifying those individuals on many levels. Then there are negotiating, financing, accounting, and legal agreements. Again, this journey is an odyssey in the best of times. In keeping with a sports analogy, you will be playing in the big leagues and unless you have prior practice sales experience it is best to realize you are a rookie. At the same time, it is incumbent that you maintain the health of your practice as a clinician. No matter how great a clinician you are, you will be in a new game. You will be stretched time-wise in the best of circumstances. You need a strong team captain who has managed in the playoffs. Now, if you are not convinced, try transitioning a practice when the Commonwealth shuts you down for a couple of months. We knew from colleagues that Dr. Cooper was an All-Star, but after he and Kevin Cooper successfully transitioned our practice during the pandemic, we can honestly tell you that they are in the Hall of Fame at what they do. Flat out, without their experience, wisdom, contacts, and mutual respect for all the involved parties, this transition would never have been completed. The transition of your practice will prove to be one of the most complex, time-consuming, and important events of your career. Do yourself a huge favor and obtain the best guidance you possibly can garner, call Philip Cooper and Kevin Cooper.
Philip and Kevin Cooper were wonderful to deal with. We recently purchased a dental practice during Covid. Everything was smooth, quick, and effective with our transaction. We highly recommend their services. It was a pleasure and wonderful to deal with them.
I got to know Dr. Cooper in 2004 when he helped me to purchase my first practice. Dr. Cooper guided me through the purchasing process. With his knowledge and support, the transition went really well. I have just sold my second practice through him and, once again, I benefited from his years of experience in this transition. Due to the recent pandemic, I did not think I could sell the practice that easily. However, with the help and support of American Practice Consultants, the practice was sold with an excellent outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Cooper and his team to dentists for purchasing and selling their practices.
I did my homework and read all the practice transition articles. I thought, as when I purchased my practice 40 years ago, that I could do this mostly on my own. I entertained a few inquiries and knew the vultures were circling and I was dead meat. What to do? Call Phil and Kevin Cooper!!! I brought my loving wife/ office manager with me. She needed to understand and be educated in the practice sale process. Phil and Kevin are so honest, straightforward forward and available for questions that by the end of our second meeting, my wife became a confident center of communication and sharer of information and knowledge. Every practice transition is different. The Coopers’ asked us tough questions, debunked myths, and guided us through the minefield of today’s practice transition environment. Our journey was rough and tumble, however, Phil and Kevin never flinched. Their insight and experience prepared us for different scenarios. During the difficult negotiation process, they were there with thoughtful, concise, and timely recommendations along with a side platter of pitfalls of which to be aware of. Our fondest memory of this transition is the knowledge that Phil and Kevin stood by us all the way, well past Settlement Day.
When I decided to sell my dental office, having used Phil Cooper earlier in my career for consultation and practice evaluation, I chose to have him and his son Kevin help me accomplish this major goal. The most amazing part of this process was introducing me to the person who bought my practice. If it were not for them, I doubt I would have met this gentleman and would not be as confident as I am about the dentist who now runs the dental office I worked in for 48 years.
My practice transition with Dr. Philip Cooper was exceptional. When previous attempts to sell the practice were unsuccessful, he took charge of the process, had control of all aspects, and saw it to its successful conclusion. We felt like we were in charge of the process. His advice was always timely and experienced. He knew exactly the correct, objective, and fair course of action for both transition partners. Based on previous experiences, my practice transition was and continues to be seamless. I owe Dr. Cooper a debt of gratitude. I heartily recommend Dr. Cooper for any practice transition. His portfolio has 34 plus years of success.
Before I contracted with Phil Cooper to sell my dental practice, I spent over a year spinning my wheels trying to sell the practice myself. A dental supply rep recommended listing with a broker since it was her experience that most offices that sold were with a broker. I investigated who to list my practice sale with and chose Phil Cooper due to his numerous local sales and listings (most other broker’s sales were spread out over 3-4 states) and his calm professional manner. Phil was always available throughout the sales process. He was quick to answer questions both by me and the buyer. My buyer complimented Phil by saying he was the most professional broker he had dealt with. I would highly recommend Phil Cooper to any dentist ready to sell their practice.
I have worked with Philip to buy my first practice. I expected the process to be stressful but working with Phil made everything thing go smoother than expected. He is a very knowledgeable and helpful person. He even was giving me advice outside of the transition process. I would highly recommend working with Phil to sell or buy your next practice. Hopefully will work again soon on my second practice.
When I purchased my practice in 1985, Dr. Cooper was there to guide me through the purchasing process. I have just sold my practice in 2018. And, once again, I benefited from his years of experience in this transition. I know of no other practice firm that delivers the knowledge, the support, and the meticulous care that American Practice Consultants provides. Purchasing and selling a dental practice these days is more complicated than ever. All the more reason to have a competent professional at your side during this process. Simply stated; Dr. Cooper is the best person to have as you navigate through it.
Selling a dental practice can be very stressful and intimidating. I never knew how much was involved. Phil Cooper made the process almost frictionless. I could never have done this without his guidance (I know because I tried). I highly recommend Phil Cooper as a transition agent for your practice.
Dr. Cooper was fantastic to work with. The practice sale went incredibly smoothly. I would highly recommend Dr. Cooper to anyone looking to sell!
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that you provided in helping me buy my practice and the real estate. I would surely recommend you and the American Practice Consultants to anyone thinking about buying or selling a dental practice. I cannot say enough good things about how you handled the recent transition of this practice. You always had good suggestions whenever I did not know what the next step was. You kept very good lines of communication open between all parties. You were always available with a fast response whenever I needed anything or had a question regarding the purchase. I have already given your name to several colleagues of mine who are thinking about buying a dental practice. Once again I thank you, Dr. Cooper, for making this transition seamless and a pleasant one.
I have known Phil Cooper for many years and in spite of having tried to work with others on occasion, Dr. Cooper is the only person I would trust to handle the sale and transition of my practice. He is fair and honest. Dr. Cooper is the only one to recognize years ago that I was not ready to sell and had the forthrightness to tell me so. So when the time came there was no one other than Phil I would trust to help me through this process. Thank you, Dr. Cooper.
I would like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Phil Cooper of American Practice Consultants for acting as a broker of the sale of my dental practice. Dr. Cooper is very experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful. He was always available to answer questions. There were numerous e-mails and phone calls from both the buyer and myself asking for advice. Dr. Cooper was always very patient, understanding, and expeditious in handling our inquiries. He provides a personal touch to the process of transition. I highly recommend Dr. Cooper to any dentist considering the sale of their practice.
I wanted to have my own practice over the last 3 years and finally, it became true with Dr. Cooper’s knowledge and expertise in guiding me. He helped me finalize my decision last December 2017 and I am so glad I did the whole process with him. I had multiple stressful decisions and questions throughout this transition and Dr. Cooper answered and helped me figure out everything so patiently. I definitely want to work with him in the future.
Phil Cooper was the right man for the job when it came to selling my practice. I chose him for his straightforward practicality and experience, and he did not disappoint. At a time when I was recovering from major surgery, Phil kept the process moving forward and on target. He had many buyers who were interested and guided me through the tricky decision of choosing one based on my future expectations. He weeded out those who seemed interested but were not really serious. Further, he knew the local market very well, after having dealt with many of the potential candidates previously. I would highly recommend Philip Cooper if you want to get the job done in an efficient and organized way. I felt as though his first-hand knowledge and background information on many of the interested parties was invaluable to making an informed and profitable choice.
Highly recommend Phil to anyone who is thinking to transition out of practice. Phil helped me with the sale of my two practices in 2010 and 2018. He is a knowledgeable and responsible person who you can trust.
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts, guidance, patience, and diligence on my behalf in regards to the sale of my practice and building. I knew it would take time to sell a practice like the one I had developed over a 32 year period. You have been steady and on course, during the time the practice was for sale. I could not be happier with how it all turned out.
Although Dr. Cooper was the consultant for the seller of the practice I recently purchased, he dedicated so much energy and time to make sure that I felt comfortable and informed about my big decision to buy, and made the entire experience feel secure and positive. I would recommend APC to anyone looking either to buy or sell a practice. Dr. Cooper truly did his due diligence to get to know me and the seller personally so we could all genuinely endorse the purchase or sale decision of this practice based on a real alignment of core values, principles, and vision. It would have been such a struggle for me to purchase a practice where I felt disharmony with staff, the retiring dentist, or governing business and clinical philosophies, and Dr. Cooper made sure that wouldn’t be the case. I will be forever grateful for the support and guidance. Dr. Cooper – thank you for everything.
We have done a few of these in the past eight or so years. Always smooth dealing with you.
I would highly recommend Phil Cooper to anyone that requires help with their practice. I sold my practice after 44 years and the outcome was quite satisfying. Phil always acted in a professional manner and gave honest opinions during the process. He made this daunting task move along in an orderly manner. He was fair in looking at both sides of the sale when requested to reach the best outcome. I found it money well spent to have his knowledge in all aspects of this transition.
I recently sold my practice with the help of Phil Cooper and American Practice Consultants. From the time I listed the practice until settlement, Phil guided me every step of the way. His practice evaluation was spot-on as I received the full asking price. He provided an array of potential buyers and from among them, I was able to select just the right fit for my practice in just a few months. When there were bumps in the road, Phil helped smooth them out. I would highly recommend American Practice Consultants for anyone selling a practice.
Getting Phil Cooper’s help during my practice sale was such an immense help. I needed his guidance during the entire process, which could be delicate at times. He was always very tactful and helpful, letting me know how to handle buyer’s questions, my employees, patients, etc. He even went beyond that and gave me few tips on relocating (my family was moving to the West Coast), since I was interested in owning my own business once situated. It was a wonderful, pain-free experience. I would recommend him strongly to anyone in the process of selling their dental practice.
Thanks for all your help, Phil. Your experience and wisdom led to this successful transaction. There is no doubt that you are the “man” when any dentist is looking to sell or buy a practice. I would highly recommend your services to any colleague. Again thanks for your diligence in getting the deal done.
Phil, I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for the way you guided me through the major transition of selling my practice. The process seemed so overwhelming at times, but knowing you were guiding it gave me great comfort. With your experience, you seemed to know when to nudge and when to wait. And never once did I doubt you were 100% in my corner looking out for my best interest. At the same time, you were always open to my input and always available to answer a question or reassure me. Even your secretary, Barbara, was always helpful and delightful to talk to. I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone considering this monumental step, especially if the practice is in an area not considered to be upscale. You made it happen for me in a way I would not have expected!
When I decided to sell my dental practice I interviewed a lot of the brokers in the area. I decided on Phil Cooper and American Practice Consultants because of his many years of experience and his attention to detail when he visited my practice. The practice was barely listed and I had many interested qualified buyers. Offers came in quickly for the asking price and above the asking price. It was a very difficult decision and Phil provided excellent guidance throughout the process never interfering with my choice. He was a great coordinator between buyer and seller, attorneys, and banks. The settlement took place within 4 months and it was seamless. He is the only broker that I would recommend for practice transition. Thank you so much, Phil!
Dr. Phil Cooper was able to put together a team and my practice was sold in less than 3 months. This is after I had to immediately stop practicing because I needed extensive ongoing medical treatment. My practice was open during that 3 month period and patients were treated by very competent temporary dentists. My office manager and dental assistant each stayed on for the new owner. Dr. Cooper is the best.
We are very pleased to endorse Dr. Phil Cooper and American Practice Consultants for the services provided for our recent practice transition. From our first consultation to the closing of the practice sale, Dr. Cooper displayed outstanding professionalism, expertise, and guidance. He was always available on very short notice to answer any questions or help solve any problems we encountered. Most importantly, if difficulty in the negotiations occurred, he offered wise counsel, explaining all the pros and cons to the issue at hand, but he NEVER tried to persuade us to capitulate or urge us to make a decision just to get the deal done. He always stressed that we should feel comfortable with whatever decision we would reach. We offer Dr. Cooper and American Practice Consultants our highest recommendation and thank him and his staff for all kindness and support provided over the last 8 months.
Dr. Phillip Cooper, of American Practice Consultants, recently helped me to sell my dental practice. He was extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and reassuring as he expertly guided me through the twists and turns of the process. He supplied me with potential buyers and was instrumental in my choosing the right one. Phil was always available and continues to be with my transition. I highly recommend Dr. Cooper to anyone looking to sell his or her practice. Many thanks.
I found a great practice through Dr. Philip Cooper. I have been looking on and off for at least 6 months, if not longer, in different practice transition companies. American Practice Consultants had practices that I didn’t see listed elsewhere and was able to timely deliver messages between the owner and the buyer. If you didn’t have lawyers, banks, or participate in dental insurances, Dr. Cooper was able to give you contact information and let you make the decision whether you want to use them or not. I was able to move my process along in a timely fashion to get the practice that I wanted. Therefore, I definitely recommend Dr. Philip Cooper from American Practice Consultants.
Thank you so very much for the guidance and advice you gave me in the sale of my practice. All went well and your help through the entire process was of great value. You were “right on” in matching me with the correct buyer. Thanks again and the best to you and to your business, American Practice Consultants.
Your service and professionalism were terrific, and your knowledge and experience were invaluable in a very difficult time in our lives. I am very happy with the result and would recommend your services to others looking to accomplish this arduous task.
My work with Phil 15 years ago to buy a dental practice resulted in an experience that was beyond my expectations in terms of finding the right match and having the best deal. That’s why, when I decided to sell the same practice years later, Phil was the first to contact to take care of the whole project. What I appreciated most about working with Phil was his ability to cut through the predictable problems in a project and deliver the expected results.
Now that the dust has settled I would like to sincerely thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. Your professionalism and integrity were instrumental in enabling both parties to resolve multiple issues. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than you. From appraisal to consummation you provided a guiding hand. I would certainly be happy to tell any of your prospective clients of the value you create as a broker. Thank you again.
I would definitely recommend the help of American Practice Consultants to anyone looking to make a transition in the dental field. I’m not sure what is typical, but for me, I fell in love with the first practice I looked at through Phil Cooper. I am happy to say I closed on the practice about a month ago. We have just finished the transition process and I could not be more pleased. It was a smooth, easy process and I wish the same experience for everyone else.
Recently, I completed a practice transition under the auspices of Dr. Phillip Cooper, President of American Practice Consultants. After forty years of the dental practice, I was ready to retire, but not completely certain how to achieve this goal. After meeting with Dr. Cooper, I had a strong sense that his expertise was exactly what I needed. He was knowledgeable in all aspects of the transition. His presentation of candidates, bankers, and attorneys were excellent references. Most important to me was the feeling that he was fair to both the buyer and seller. If you are considering a practice transition, I highly recommend Dr. Cooper.
After practicing dentistry for 48 years, I thought it was time to retire. I contacted Phil Cooper on a professional level after knowing him socially for many years. He immediately put me at ease while explaining the process ahead. Within a week he had contacted several prospects whom he had on hand that matched as possible buyers. When a buyer was interested, he quickly negotiated a selling price in line with the appraised price of the practice. Now came the attorney review and the transitioning of the staff and the new dentist. He guided us through this whole process with his calm, kind professionalism. We would highly recommend him for any aspect of buying or selling a practice.
Thanks, Phil for all your help. You are very professional and helpful. Couldn’t have done it without you!
My partner and I have purchased two and sold one practice with Phil’s aid over the past six years. His services and experience with the process were invaluable. From start to finish he handled everything with professionalism and ease. He has been pivotal to our professional success. I can not give a higher recommendation.
After only a few weeks of searching, Phil Cooper sent several qualified prospects looking to purchase a dental practice. Phil took the time and put forth great effort to find the perfect match for the ongoing treatment of my dental patients. My wife and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. Phil is truly a kind, considerate, and very knowledgeable broker. He was and still is willing to discuss the ins and outs of the deal and to help in the transition period. I would recommend Phil Cooper to anyone who is thinking about selling, merging, or buying a dental practice. Thank you, Phil, for everything you have done for me.
Looking to the future, I originally engaged Dr. Cooper for an office appraisal. Within a year, I realized that it was time to move on and transition my practice. I spoke with Phil, gave him my time frame, told him of what I was looking for in terms of an associate or outright buyer. In four weeks after signing with American Practice Consultants, Phil had arranged for several prospective buyers to view the practice. After one repeat viewing from a potential buyer, the wheels were set in motion for acquisition. Dr. Cooper guided me over several small speed bumps and with the help of Phil and my independent attorney we were able to close and sell within 4 months of the buyer originally offering a deposit. While I understand that most transactions take longer, I was delighted to have this deal done rapidly. With his professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy I would highly recommend American Practice Consultants to any dental professional looking to buy or sell a practice.
I like to thank you for your help in the sale of my practice. Selling my life’s work is not easy, but you made this process almost seamless and effortless. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Thank you.
When I first considered the concept of retiring I attended several information sessions to learn about the process. I was impressed with the information provided by Dr. Cooper and contacted him to help transition my practice. During the process, he was very knowledgeable, professional, and patient guiding me through every step. His advice and timely correspondences were very helpful to keep the process moving forward. I appreciate all of Dr. Cooper’s efforts to make my practice transition have a successful outcome.
I was in solo practice for 30 years, never thinking about what would happen when I decided to stop practicing. I had heard from my friends in dentistry that if you didn’t take in an associate to groom to eventually take over the practice, you would not receive fair value. Therefore, I decided to work in the practice until the practice would close. Then I met Dr. Cooper. We listed my small practice. Within two weekends we had 16 potential buyers inspect the practice and property. Shortly after, one of the buyers made an offer and from there on it was a smooth transition. Dr. Cooper did a fantastic job of marketing my practice, identifying potential buyers, and helping to close the deal. I can’t thank him enough!
I want to thank you for your help in selling my practice. Actually, I don’t think I could have done it without you. Thank you for being so supportive in addressing my concerns, so knowledgeable in how to handle a transfer of ownership and so persistent in finding just the right people to take over my practice. I truly was able to leave the difficult process of transfer of my practice in your (and my lawyer’s) hands and you made sure my dream of retirement happen. It is bittersweet leaving my practice as I really am attached to my staff and patients, but I must say I do like the doctors that will be taking it over and am confident that they will take good care of everyone. How do you find them?! You made what seemed like the impossible to me, happen. Thank you.
After 41 years in private practice, I decided to retire. I called Phil Cooper to help me with the sale of the practice. It was the best decision that I could have made. Phil’s knowledge and experience made a complicated process seem simple. I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a dental practice.
Thank you for your good wishes for my new “home” in Exton. I appreciate all you did to help this transaction go as smoothly as possible.
We have had the good fortune of working with Phil Cooper on two occasions. He first represented the seller when we bought a general dental practice in 1992. Over the past twenty years, we tripled the production of that practice, converted it to a Prosthodontic and Family Dental Practice, as well as moved it off of Main Street to a rural, uniquely built, home office. This certainly presented Phil with a much greater challenge of marketing this practice because the pool of buyers would be that much more limited. If that weren’t enough, we were only able to give Phil a very small time frame with which to work, since the sale and move were dependent upon being accepted into a post-grad fellowship program across the county. Phil accepted this challenge, found us a buyer within weeks, and was tenacious and creative in helping the buyer to get financing in a very difficult banking climate. If one were to open the dictionary to find the word “professionalism”, Phil Cooper would most definitely be included in that definition. He remained calm and professional throughout this whole process and really served our needs, as well as those of the buyer, to make this transaction happen. We continue to have a wonderful friendship and working relationship with our buyer and that makes it so much easier emotionally to put the care of our patients in someone else’s hands. Over twenty years later, Phil Cooper has proven that some things just improve with age. Our first transaction was straightforward and simple and this new one definitely put Phil’s experience to the test; he passed with flying colors. We would highly recommend Phil and American Practice Consultants to anyone looking to buy or sell a dental practice. Thank you Phil for making everyone’s dreams become a reality.
It was really great working with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other colleagues or to work with you again in the future if I move back to the area and am looking to purchase a practice.
I really appreciate that you gave me this opportunity. As you know, I’ve been searching for a practice for over a year and had a bad experience with other agents in the past. Your experiences, professionalism, and efficiency made this transaction happen, it was not easy, but I was lucky to have your advice. I definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much!
I have been looking for the opportunity to have my own practice during the past years and have been working with several dental practice broker agents. Dr. Cooper is the best of all. He knows the best interest of the seller, at the same time, he also valuated my time and did his best to help me reach my own goal. He and his staff always answered my calls and emails. He knows every step of the practice transition and always is willing to give proper advice for me. I was very happy that I had been working with Dr. Cooper to buy my own practice. I have no hesitation to recommend Dr. Copper to doctors who are looking for help to purchase a dental practice. Dr. Cooper is the one who you truly can trust.
We would like to thank you for helping us in the sale of our practice. You were so helpful in finding the right people who were interested. We were extremely pleased with the professional way you handled the transaction. You were there for us all the way.
Thanks for all of your help and advice. None of this would have happened without your insight, referrals to the right people, and knowledge. I can’t thank you enough. I am really excited to be a practice owner and a little overwhelmed, but I think once I get into a routine I will be okay. I really appreciate everything you have done for me! Thanks again!
Over the last two years, Phil has helped me in a practice transition and purchase of two additional practices. He is extremely complete and consistent with his practice valuations and has a great reputation with the banks. This has proven to be incredibly valuable when securing financing. Phil is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the entire transition process, whether it be a buy-in or total sale. He is always quick to respond by email or phone. I highly recommend his services if you are looking to buy or sell a dental practice.
It was a thorough and wonderful experience working with you in this transition. You were always there to answer all the questions and your help through the process is much appreciated. Thanks.
My practice transition went just the way I wanted it to. Phil’s considerable experience and attention to every detail took what could have been a stressful experience off my shoulders. His prompt response to my many e-mails and phone calls proved that my practice was of personal importance to him, and not just a number.
I was fortunate enough to have been recommended to Phil Cooper by a very close friend who had numerous dealings with Phil. I cannot say enough about the professional way my practice sale was handled. From the very first meeting until closing Phil was with me every step of the way. He helped arrange financing that was acceptable to the buyer and was extremely beneficial for me. I was more than satisfied with the entire process and in dealing with Phil and his staff. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for help in buying or selling a practice.
I started working at my practice brokered by Dr. Cooper about a year ago and I feel this recommendation is long overdue – overdue by a least seven years! I first met Dr. Cooper before joining dental school to get advice on changing my career from science to dentistry. I would like to thank him for all the advice he gave me back in the year 2004 (and he flatly refused compensation for over 2 hours of his time!). I feel I made the right choice again by choosing him to help me purchase a dental practice. Dr. Cooper is one who completely understands the specific requirements of the buyer, finds the perfect match, and sees the transaction to the finish. I have been completely satisfied with my practice in terms of patient pool, location, price paid, and staff. I admire his frank assessment of both the positives and the negatives even before I had seen the practice – all of which have been true. I would strongly recommend Dr. Cooper to any dentist.
I have been in the market to buy a practice for over three years. I have worked with several other agents and have seen over a dozen practices. All I can say is that no one worked like Dr. Cooper. He worked for the true interest of his clients. He helped me find the right match, fairly priced practice, and created a win-win deal for both parties. He is very professional not to mention his great supporting team which made the transition very smooth. I have no hesitation to recommend Dr. Cooper to anyone who wants to buy or sell a practice.
Dr. Cooper was the broker for my dental practice. He evaluated my practice and gave me a thorough understanding of its worth and then proceeded to market my practice. Within days, I had several qualified buyers looking at my practice. Within a month, I had a buyer who was motivated and ready to buy both my practice and my office building. The sale proceeded quickly and very smoothly. It seemed that all my wife and I had to do was show up at the closing and it was completed. Dr. Cooper was very professional and I found him to be friendly and knowledgeable about practice sales. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cooper to anyone.
I would highly recommend Dr. Phil Cooper to any dentist who is interested in buying or selling a practice. This process is not easy, even intimidating at times. I was lucky enough to hear Phil speak at a seminar regarding transitioning a practice. When my time came to make this decision, I did not hesitate to call Phil. He walked me through the entire process, setting me up with the right prospective buyers, finding me the right attorney, and dealing with the many issues that occurred along the way. It was important to me to sell my practice to a qualified buyer who could “jump in” and provide the level of care that I hoped my patients would receive. Actually, the entire procedure took less time than I would have thought. I got to retire earlier!
Dr. Cooper demonstrated extraordinary competence in his endeavor to locate a purchaser for my dental practice. He found several qualified buyers and was persistently optimistic when the initial efforts didn’t result in a sale. It really was the right buyer in the end, because there wasn’t any bickering over the pricing. The transition went smoothly overall, thanks to Dr. Cooper’s knowledge and experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to list my office all over again with Phil. He’s got the right stuff for his chosen profession.
The process of selling a Dental Practice is never easy. It takes time, patience, and expert guide to make it work. Dr. Phil Cooper is just that guide. I can’t say enough about Phil Cooper’s ability and professionalism. He helped evaluate the value of my practice and brought prospective buyers to see my office. He helped me to evaluate the choices of buyers I had to choose from. If I had to do it again I would not hesitate to choose Phil Cooper.
I have been working with Phil for almost 15 years. He orchestrated the sale of my rather unique hard to market practice. He was then instrumental in transforming an entrepreneurial idea into a successful business model. Phil has been committed to my success through the years. He is wired into the dental community with his many contacts. His business judgment and vision have always been “spot on”. I would not make any career-related decision without consulting him.
We have had a great deal of professional contact with Dr. Phil Cooper during the past 4 years since he guided us through the sale of our busy practice in New Jersey, the purchase of a 50% partnership in Vermont, the subsequent dissolution of that same partnership a year later, and then finally the purchase of another practice again in Vermont. After all of that, we are truly in a position to say that we have the absolute highest regard for Phil in every respect as an expert practice broker. Phil brings forth not only a wealth of knowledge and hard-earned experience, but complete honesty, integrity, and practical common sense. In selling our practice, Phil hand-picked a select few individuals out of his pool of interested buyers that he felt would be the “right” match for us. Literally, the second person who came to visit the practice ended up as our buyer and he today has retained 100% of our staff, almost all of the patients, and not only is very successful but even more importantly, very happy in his new practice. Phil had the brilliant vision to match this individual’s needs and desires to our practice, which was the “right” practice for him. Additionally, during our transition between states and practices, it was a comfort and a blessing to have Phil guide us through some extremely stressful situations with his grounded wisdom and insight. Phil made himself always easily available to us and made us feel as though we were his “only clients: although in actuality, he had hundreds of clients going through the same processes and with the same questions and problems as we were experiencing. Phil Cooper is truly one of a kind resource blending dentistry, practice transition, and business administration with the personal component of making practices click. We would never consider making a move or decision without his counsel and professional guidance.
As a younger dentist, I was intimidated by the thought of buying a practice. I spent a long time searching for opportunities and working with several dental brokers, large and small. My experience with Dr. Cooper and American Practice Consultants was outstanding. Dr. Cooper was an excellent resource and most importantly patient with me as a buyer. His approach with putting the right sellers and buyers together helped me in finding the best opportunity for me. I would not hesitate to recommend any colleague to Dr. Cooper.
After spending more than $10,000 in attorney fees and wasting many hours of time with some “interested” but unsure buyers myself, I engaged Dr. Philip Cooper, American Practice Consultants, to handle the sale of my dental practice. With his many years of experience, expertise in practice transitions, and a dentist himself, he really knows the profession and the market. Phil brought more potential buyers than I expected in a short period of time. He gave me good advice and handled the transition in a very professional, expeditious fashion, fair to both me and the buyer. The end result was a happy seller and happy buyer, who by the way, continues to prosper in the practice. I strongly recommend Phil to any dentist who is either selling or buying a practice.
Dr. Cooper did the evaluation for me before buying my practice. He did a thorough and professional job. He helped me also with the financing sources and referred me to a very good attorney to finish the transaction. I found his advice and guidance very helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Cooper as a practice evaluation expert.
Philip Cooper, D.M.D., M.B.A., represented me as my broker in the sale of my dental practice in Washington Crossing, PA. The transaction was successfully completed in April 2009. Dr. Cooper was very professional and skillful in galvanizing, or “amalgamating” the buyer and the seller, and their respective attorneys. Not an easy task. After the papers were signed and the money crossed the table we all left with good feelings and cordial relations. I would unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Cooper to represent any future sellers or buyers for dental practices.
I have known Dr. Phil Cooper for well over five years. I initially contacted him when the time had come for me to purchase a practice. During that time I have engaged Phil’s services for the sale of one office and the purchase of two others. So I have the unique perspective of using Phil from both the buyer’s and seller’s position. I must say that Phil is extremely honest, knowledgeable, informed, organized, and above all patient in all aspects of practice transition. As a younger dentist, the process can be intimidating at first, however, Phil walks you through from start to finish. He has a wide base of contacts in the dental field so I never felt lost when needing to find an attorney or financial lender. Mention his name to his peers in the industry and he comes highly recommended. I can honestly say, without reservation, that Phil Cooper is your first and only choice when deciding to make one of the biggest decisions of your career. I have gotten to know Phil pretty well over the past few years and I consider him a close friend in the industry. He is definitely someone you want to know and I look forward to working with him in the future.
When I hired Phil to represent me in a divorce proceeding, the opposing counselor was so impressed that he wanted to hire Phil to use in another case. Practices can be evaluated in many ways, and Phil pretty much does that as part of his appraisals. The bottom line is a practice is only worth what someone will pay for it, and that is the price Phil gives. The price should match that of any competent, professional appraiser, and will make economic sense for the seller and the buyer. I have recommended Phil to many dentists, and I continue to rely on his services and expertise; twenty-five years later, I recently had a new appraisal done. Most of all, I trust him.
Dr. Cooper and American Practice Consultants were very professional, thorough, and highly ethical in offering invaluable advice in selling my dental practice. They helped with all necessary documents and made the transition seamless. I am grateful for his services and have recommended his services to many of my colleagues.
I want to thank Dr. Cooper for his help and guidance over the years which has helped me make some very important decisions in my professional career. Anyone going through a practice transition of any sort NEEDS to seek out Dr. Cooper and American Practice Consultants. His knowledge and insight are outstanding!! He will help you through every aspect of the transition and will help steer you in the right course to help you reach your professional and personal goals. I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone.
I had spoken to many other transition ‘specialists’ before I came to Phil Cooper and American Practice Consultants. Phil is unlike anyone else I have met in this industry and conducts his business with the utmost level of expertise. He guided me, a first-time buyer of any practice, to the right practice for me. He did not show me offices that would not fit my personality or my budget. He did not push me into a scenario with another dentist that would be less than optimal for either of us. Rather, he guided me to a good fit that had just the right elements for me to build my next career move. Phil took all the time necessary to fully explain every element of the process. He can also make great suggestions of other professionals involved in the buying who specialize in guiding new dentists. After going through dental school, boards and residency, it’s nice to find a professional who can make your life easier and help you find what we all worked so hard for.
Dr. Cooper represented me in a partnership dispute in 2010. He was able to evaluate the practice and promptly determine exactly where the problematic issues were coming from. His testimony on my behalf was clear, concise, and very thorough and resulted in a very positive outcome. I found Dr. Cooper and American Practice Consultants to be very knowledgeable and dependable and I intend to utilize their skills in the future for any practice transition.
I have had several opportunities to work with Dr. Philip Cooper, the most recent being the sale of my dental practice. Dr. Cooper is very knowledgeable and conscientious. I would highly recommend Dr. Cooper for any dental practice transition you may have.
I sold my solo practice through American Practice Consultants, and Dr. Cooper was superb. My transaction was atypical in that it was necessary for me to handle much of the direct negotiating with the buyer. Dr. Cooper coached me through the entire challenging process. There is no question that the sale would not have happened were it not for his involvement. He and I spent many hours on the phone and I always felt like I was his top priority even though I knew he was working with other clients at the same time. Dr. Cooper was professional, knowledgeable, knew all the right people, and had a calm demeanor that kept things focused throughout. If I ever have another practice to sell, Phil would be my first call.
Thank you so much for your consulting services during the last couple of months. Your guidance, advice, and professionalism proved invaluable to my first practice acquisition. I could not have done it with you! Thanks again!
It was a pleasure working with Phil during my practice purchase. He made the whole process seamless, especially considering the less than ideal circumstances with the previous owner’s sudden death.
A full year has passed since Dr. Cooper helped me with the transition and sale of my practice, and I must say that I have been far more pleased with the results than I would have ever dreamed. I was referred to him several years ago for a practice evaluation and some advice in transitioning my practice. With time, I followed his advice and offered my practice for sale rather than attempting to faze out. I know now that that was very good advice. From day one, he was helpful in organizing my thoughts about retirement, advising me about practice valuation, guiding me through the sales process, helping recruit potential buyers, dealing with legal issues, and ultimately going to settlement. Everything was handled professionally and expeditiously. The new doctor is very happy and doing very nicely. My staff and my patients have remained with him and really like him. This is important to me and makes me very happy knowing that they made this transition as easily too – certainly a tribute to his professionalism and competence.
I had a good experience with Dr. Phil Cooper and American Practice Consultants. I was able to transition my practice to a young dentist who was a perfect replacement for me.
Several years ago, I secured the services of Phil Cooper of American Practice Consultants. I obtained a Practice Evaluation to be subsequently used for a full Partnership Buy-In. There are many scary things that we as dentists deal with in life. I can assure you that this is one of them. Phil’s experience and sense of fair play ensure both parties feel the “right thing” is being done. He has the ability to see the road ahead and steer the negotiations properly. I can tell you that Phil saved me many sleepless nights. He is a true expert in these matters. I’m now in my 5th year of the partnership and it has been smooth sailing, to say the least. And, everything has already been prepared for the eventual sale of the last half of the practice. Phil provides so much in his services, but perhaps the biggest thing is peace of mind. I recommend him highly.
Being a young dentist looking for a practice to purchase, it was incredibly valuable and comforting dealing with Dr. Cooper. He made the process smooth and seamless. Although he was officially the seller’s representative, I never felt like he wasn’t on my side and willing to help me in any way during and after the sale. In this day and age of big-box businesses, having the personal attention of “the boss” is rare and made a huge difference. I look forward to using his services when it’s time to hire an associate and eventually when I sell my practice.
Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help and guidance in the sale of my practice. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.
I have known Phil for several years now and he has lectured to my residents at Episcopal Hospital. I have always found him to be honest, very knowledgeable, and willing to discuss any issues that might arise with regard to transitioning. The fact that he is a dentist with an MBA allows him to be able to relate better to our circumstances. He certainly has my support.